About Us

A little about the team.

We are based in Southern Oregon, USA. We don’t have a fancy facility or anything. We have been working on computer software projects and websites since at least 2010. At least one member of the team is a full time stay at home programmer.

Brandon Deveraux

Brandon Deveraux’s primary role is programming game mechanics, and making sure things do what their supposed to.  He also takes on many other roles such as 3D modeling, audio, effects, and level design.

Micah Olson

This is me!  I am currently a college student in Southern Oregon majoring in Software Engineering.  Programming is primarily what I do, though I also take on additional tasks such as website development, PBR material creation, audio, marketing, team management, and art, just to list a few.

Ashlynn Taylor

As the tech side of the team appears to be allergic to  interaction with other humans, we had a public relations void that needed filling.  My beautiful fiancee(Ashlynn) fills that void by being the social bee she is. She is very patient when it comes to working through problems and is a very helpful individual and great at communicating with others.

Ashlynn handles all the social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus, keeping people up to date on what our studio is up to!

Our other work (Non-Games)

A site full of information on plants that can be used for real world applications, as well as how to use them.

It’s goal is to contain information about plants most people have never seen before in an easy to digest format.

Remnants of Mana is a work in progress novel.
It could also become the world and story for an RPG if we ever get that kind of funding.

It’s in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy genre and features Magic (based on Mana Energy), Mind control, Time Travel, Dragons, Robots and Space Ships.

It’s based on a conglomeration of great 90’s RPG’s with some new ideas thrown in too.

It follows the story of a man who wakes up from Stasis after thousands of years into a world that is dying around him.

A Blog site about programming, wordpress, etc.