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    I’m not sure these are really bugs, just a few observations I’ve made about the game in its current state.

    1) The physics are a bit too over the top.
    2) Have the fire as a toggle instead of just shooting when you press the button and stopping when you let go is a bit of a pain.
    3) The AI is not very intelligent at all.
    4) The power-ups might regenerate too quickly when playing with others.
    5) The lack of anything substantial in a single player environment will damage this game.
    6) The car controls are a bit clunky.

    Other than those things, this could be a very fun game to play! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into it so far.



    Thanks for your feedback!

    The physics sometimes react too strongly to objects, so we will keep working to solve this issue.

    The machine gun turns on with x and stays on until you press x again. What weapons are you referring to?

    The AI is pretty basic right now. We plan on investing more time to make it smarter.

    Power-ups and other ammo spawns still need to be balanced on the maps. As we polish weapons, we will adjust these while using user feedback. We may add options to allow users to customize what spawns and how much in their matches.

    We will be adding more game-play modes as we move forward with development. Right now, we just have the free for all arena. If you have ideas for fun single player game-play, let us know!

    What specifically about the car controls feel clunky? Is it the button layout or something else? The more detailed feedback we get, the better we can address the issues.



    I was referring to the machine gun. I think most people will want it to react more like a trigger and less like a switch. The button layout for the cars feels pretty decent, I think its more about the acceleration and the speed in which the vehicles turn that make it feel slightly weighted down.



    We will play with the machine gun being set to only fire while button is pressed, then to stop firing when released. We will be tuning each vehicle individually as far as its movements and specs. Do you feel that the vehicles turn too sharply? too slowly? Accelerate to fast or slow?

    I know some other titles like twisted metal move very fast and can turn on a dime, but they loose realism. We are trying to find a happy middle.

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