Fund New Content

Cars with Guns has had an extremely small budget from the start, and a 2 man development team, so there are many ways the game can be improved with a bit of funding.

If you’d like to fund improvements and additions to Cars with Guns or if you just feel like the game is worth more than $15 you can donate here:

Or you can donate with bitcoins:

Donate Bitcoins


Donations can be any amount. *PayPal keeps 100% of anything under a dollar it seems.*

You don’t need a PayPal to donate, any Debit or Credit card should work.

Next on the List:


Roman Colosseum Arena

The first thing on our list of things we can’t pull off without additional funding is a Roman Colosseum Arena.
Being a time travel car combat game it seems fitting.

Hopefully a better system for funding future content will be implemented in the future.
It would be nice if the system could track donation amounts toward the next goal like kickstarter. (Ex $150/$500 raised for Colosseum)
We will also take user requests into account when deciding what to put donation money towards next.