Exoplanets Online

Summary –

Exoplanets Online (EO) is a Free-To-Play indie mobile space MMO.

In EO players take on the role of a stellar corporation in the year 3045.

To sum it up in as few words as possible: It’s like pocket EVE crossbred with a 4X game. (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)

It is heavily economy oriented, with the goal being to grow your corporation as large as possible.

The game revolves around colonizing other planets and harvesting resources and credits from them, building fleets of ships, attacking other players with your fleets, and defending your own planets from other players.

Credits and Resources are gained even if you’re offline.

Mid to end game has 1v1 PvP. (24 ships per battle)

There is also a market system to buy/sell goods to players.

Alliances are planned but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

The game is fully playable, but is still a work in progress and not all the bugs have been worked out yet.

Pluto is still a planet here

Philosophy –

Being created by a one man development team Exoplanets Online doesn’t need to make a fortune at the expense of user experience.

It will be Ad-Free for all. (Possibly optional rewarded video ads but that’s it.)

All content will be available to all users.

To pay the bills, EO gives Time Crystals for micro-transactions.

Time Crystals can be used to skip building timers on Buildings, Ships, Modules and Galaxy Exploration, Refilling the ore on a planet slot, or sold for Credits.

Timers are never extremely long forcing people to buy Time Crystals either, the best ships in the game will be under an hour with most timers being 5 minutes.
Timers also continue to tick while offline.

I fully expect that many of the top players will get there without paying a cent and I’m fine with that.

I’m not one for dubious marketing practices either.
All artistic material for the game is from in-game screenshots, not pictures of stuff that isn’t even in the game.

Where to Download


You can download the game for free on Google Play.

It should run smoothly on most Android Phones or Tablets made within the last 5 years.


Apple release not yet available.

When it is released it will share servers with Android.


While Exoplanets Online is primarily a mobile game, I will make a PC port for those who want it.

I can’t afford to redesign a second version of the game for PC so the PC version will always be an obvious direct port of a mobile game to PC.

(PC download Not yet added)

Note that the in-game micro-transaction system is currently unusable on windows.

Join the Exoplanets Online Community

While Exoplanets Online is fully online with a chat system in the game,
it’s hard to make an in-game chat system in a phone app remotely as good as third party chat software like Discord.


I primarily use Discord to stay in touch with the community while developing.

You can join the EO Discord and report bugs, post suggestions, ask questions, and chat with the developer and the rest of the community.

I really can’t recommend enough that if you play EO you should join the discord channel.

Discord is a free chat program primarily for gaming and it’s easy to install. If you don’t use it yet I suggest trying it.

Click here to join the EO Discord Channel:


Facebook isn’t my favorite website ever, so I don’t use the Facebook page as often as Discord.

Still, I guess it’s good for marketing or something?

You can find the Exoplanets Facebook page here:

In-Game Screenshots

Building on Exoplanets to get rich is the bulk of this game. It looks complex but it's really not.
Fleet battles take place over planets. Ships don't move, rather they are in the formation that you set.
There are a TON of different resource types. Buildings and Ships have semi-realistic resource requirements.
Every building slot on a planet has different resources available. Rare Resources can only be found on rare planets.
There are over a dozen different ships as of the beta, with more on the to do list.