Attempting to make a space game that is genuinely fun

Take control of a spaceship and zip through space blowing up tons of other ships and collect the loot they drop and use it to build, improve and outfit your own ships.
Go from a small fighter to an unmatched dreadnought as you progress through the game.

Approachable by casual players and space nerds alike

Simple movement and combat mechanics make the game more "arcadey" feeling than most space games, making it more approachable for people that aren't usually into space games due to their complexity.
Ships and other objects in space are locked to a flat plane, making combat a matter of aiming the front of your ship at an enemy ship and pulling the trigger.

Skill based combat

Unlike most space games that are all about locking onto someone and pressing a button to launch a heat seeking missile at them, here none of the weapons do the work for you.
Use either a Blaster to shoot a scattershot of projectiles that deal small amounts of damage, or use a Beam Cannon to charge up and blast targets in a line in front of you for massive damage.
If you really want to be a showoff you can even pick up a nearby asteroid with your gravity tractor beam and launch it at another ship to blow it up.


Starheim is a *FREE* always online MMO style arcadey space looter shooter developed by a single person.
It leans heavily into giving players a single ship that they can improve, outfit and customize in as many ways as possible.
Every few levels you are able to upgrade your ship to a better ship, changing how it looks but keeping whatever improvements were done to the original ship.
There are currently 31 ships you can acquire for free, plus an additional 18 are available as premium ships, since the game has to make money somehow.
Premium ships offer no significant benefit over normal ship, perhaps having marganially better stats, requiring the same materials to upgrade and having the same level cap as standard ships.


Players can change the primary and secondary colors of their ship, as well as engine exhaust colors, allowing you to make your victims feel the shame of being destroyed by the most hideous ship in the galaxy if you choose to.
Or just be a little cheater and go pitch black.



Ships, asteroids and other objects including your own ship use actual physics, so if you slam into someone else's ship they may go spinning off.
Or if you slam into an asteroid you don't see at full speed it may send you spinning off. (Or you might explode)
This begs the question of whether it's a good idea to have actual physics where you can push another player's ship into the sun. We'll see?
It's definitely highly entertaining as long as it isn't being abused.

Player Interaction

The ability to form parties and guilds is planned, as well as the ability to trade with other players.
"Boss Fight" ships will give players something to fight that requires more than one player to defeat easily to encourage playing with a team.




The ability to fight against other players is a core aspect of the game, with planned "safe zones" where PvP is disabled, and the rest of space being varying levels of open PvP. Currently the plan is to have a "PK Points" type system where killing a player will give you PK Points, and once a player has over a certain number of PK points they can drop their ship's modules on death, making killing multiple players in rapid succession risky. Dying isn't punished very hard for a player without PK Points, so it's not the end of the world if you die to an NPC or a player or just slam into a rock. There may be further restrictions on killing players much lower level, or zones that offer newer players some safety against established ones, or possibly a mixture of "Opt in" open PvP areas and completely open PvP areas to ensure that the game is fun for everyone and not just the people with the best ships.
Match based activites that take place in smaller maps outside normal space where you don't gain PK Points or lose anything if you die are planned, such as racing to have the highest number of kills solo or as a team, or even "Asteroid Soccer" where you try to launch an asteroid into an opposing team's goal to score points.

Now in Early Alpha Testing.
Coming Soon to Android, iOS and Steam


Sparks, the game's premium currency that can be used to buy premium ships can be purchased here on the website or in-game.
Here on the website is the prefered method.
Sparks are added instantly to whoever you enter the name of, so you could buy them for someone else if you wanted.
To checkout here on the website simply fill out this PayPal form:

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Starheim Discord

I primarily use Discord for communicating outside the game.
If you have any issues or want to keep up and get involved with the latest changes, check out the Discord.
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