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Andromeda isn't like most other games, it has been slowly developed by one person for years now, and the direction it has taken has been constantly shaped by feedback and ideas from users to make it what it is today. It is a constant work in progress. It's not super fast paced. You can't really pick it up for an hour and get much out of it. It's intended to be a digital universe in your pocket with its own virtual economy and a community of people that will probably be around for awhile. To be clear though, it's not an idle clicker game, it does take thought and strategy to succeed. It is heavily economy oriented, with an emphasis on colonizing entire solar systems full of planets and building structures on them to generate resources over time, making it a bit of a mix of a 4X space game (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), Universe Simulator, and a Tycoon game. Fleet battles are 1v1, so while you can't be in the same fight with a friend, you can help defend your friend's territory from attacks by leaving your fleet in orbit over their planet. The universe is persistent, so anything gained is kept, allowing you to build up a large interstellar empire over time.

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I primarily use Discord for communicating outside the game.
If you have any issues or want to keep up and get involved with the latest changes, check out the Discord.
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