Andromeda is a Free-To-Play indie mobile space MMO.

In Andromeda players take on the role of a corporation that escapes an alien invasion of Earth in the year 3035.

Every player shares one persistent sandbox universe with 1000+ stars, and thousands of planets.

To sum it up in as few words as possible: It’s like pocket EVE crossbred with a 4X game. (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)
There is a strong focus on both PvE and PvP.

It is heavily economy oriented, with the PvE goal being to survive and grow your corporation to be strong enough to retake Earth from the alien invaders.

Post-Earth content consists of conquering as much of the galaxy as you can in an open PvP universe, as well as holding back a constant invasion of NPC alien fleets that pour out of black holes on the outskirts of the galaxy.

The game revolves around colonizing other planets and harvesting resources and credits from them, building fleets of ships, attacking other players with your fleets, and defending your own planets from other players.

Credits and Resources are gained through a passive income system that continues even when you’re offline for up to 2 hours.

Mid to end game has 1v1 PvP. (24 ships per battle)

Battles take place in a left vs right format, with auto fire weapons combined with on-demand abilities used by the player.

You may need to make Alliances or Trade with other players on your journey to the top.

Being created by a one man development team, Andromeda doesn’t need to make a fortune at the expense of user experience.

It will be Ad-Free for all. (Optional rewarded video ad only)

All content will be available to all users.

To pay the bills, Andromeda gives Time Crystals for micro-transactions.

Time Crystals can be used to skip building timers on Buildings, Ships, Modules and Galaxy Exploration, refill some of the resources on a planet slot, buy cosmetic ship holograms or sold to other players for Credits.

Timers are never extremely long forcing people to buy Time Crystals either, the best ships in the game will be under an hour with most timers being 5 minutes.
Timers also continue to tick while offline.

I fully expect that many of the top players will get there without paying a cent and I’m fine with that.

I’m not one for dubious marketing practices either.
All artistic material for the game is from in-game screenshots, not pictures of stuff that isn’t even in the game.


You can download the game for free on Google Play.

It should run smoothly on most Android Phones or Tablets made within the last 5 years.


You can also get the game for free on Windows through Steam:

Get Time Crystals

Along with the In-App purchase system,

you can also get Time Crystals here on the website via PayPal for purchases $5 and up

and get a 10% discount compared to In-Game checkout due to lower fees.

Time Crystals are automatically added to the account with the name you enter below and it’s pretty much instant.
Since you don’t have to login to the account at any point, you could gift other people Time Crystals through this method too if you wished. Assuming you spell their Corporation name correctly.


Select a pack and enter a Corporation Name to add the Time Crystals to below:

Enter Corporation Name:

Thanks for any and all support!

Since the game is developed and managed by one person, 100% goes directly to the developer. (minus fees)

What are Time Crystals used for?

Time Crystals can be used to skip timers, customize the visuals of any planet, buy cosmetic holograms for ships, change ship colors, refill a planet slot’s resources, or start boosters to speed up production, population growth or research. I don’t like pay to win games any more than the next person, so the rewards from buying Time Crystals are far from being good enough to be able to pay to win.

Get Time Crystals With Cryptocurrency

I really love cryptocurrency. I like it so much I’ll give people that use it a little bonus. You can buy Time Crystals with just about any Cryptocurrency, and I’ll use the crypto’s current value +10% to determine how many Time Crystals to give.

Here’s a list of addresses you can send cryptocurrency to:

Bitcoin Cash:
Sia Coin:


I primarily use Discord to stay in touch with the community while developing.

You can join the Andromeda Discord and report bugs, post suggestions, ask questions, and chat with the developer and the rest of the community.

I really can’t recommend enough that if you play you should join the discord channel.

Discord is a free chat program primarily for gaming and it’s easy to install. If you don’t use it yet I suggest trying it.

Click here to join the Andromeda Discord Channel:



Facebook isn’t my favorite website ever, so I don’t use the Facebook page as often as Discord.

Still, I guess it’s good for marketing or something?

You can find the Andromeda Facebook page here:


I figured I would put this “Behind the scenes” section here in case anyone is interested.

Mainly this is directed at anyone interested in creating their own game or learning to program.
Learning a Programing Language isn’t easy but I highly recommend it.
Making a game isn’t easy either, but if you’re into games I highly recommend that too.
Just for god’s sake start off with something small and single-player…
I mainly wanted to show that professional grade software is available for free to everyone, and you don’t need any money to make your own games. (Although it helps)

Software Used:

Andromeda is developed in Unity 3D. (Latest Version)
Link to Unity 3D (free):

Programming is done in C#, Visual Studio Community Edition.
Link to VS (free):

3D models are mostly purchased from third parties because I can’t 3D model very well, but when I do 3D model I use Blender:
Link to Blender: (free)

Images and UI creation is done in Photoshop.
Link to Photoshop (free trial):

For a Database Andromeda uses PostgreSQL, and open source SQL database. I’m not sure I would recommend it over MySQL. It has a harder learning curve than MySQL.
Link to PostgreSQL: (free)

Hosting and Other Aspects:

Andromeda is hosted on a rental VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).
It’s on a Quad Core, 4 GB RAM as of writing this, which seems to be plenty for now.
Hosted through NFO Servers:
Which costs about $23 a month.
The server is located in Seattle, WA.

Google Play is the primary distribution platform until an Apple and PC version are created.
It’s easy to get a game onto Google Play, but it costs $25 for a developer account.
Link to Google Play Developer:

Andromeda has one rewarded video ad, which goes through Google Admob.
Link to Admob: