Jump Core


Basic Intro

Jump Core is a science-fiction game based in space thousands of years in the future.  Players will be able to expect the following core mechanics:

  •  Multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.
  • Online Gameplay.
  • Character Medical Augmentation System.
  •  Suite Augmentation System.
  • Manage Starships.
  • Customize and Upgrade Starships.
  • Manage Orbital platforms and satillites.
  • Own and manage planetary sectors.
  • Use Virtual Academy to learn skills to operate equipment and increase abilities.
  • Explore, research, and exploit multiple star systems.
  • Take on jobs and contracts listed by players.
  • Combat and take control of star systems from hostile alien race.
  • Command your own ship, or program your ships to perform tasks for you.
  • Ships and ordinance movement use physics.
  • Galactic wide marketing.
  • Galactic wide logistics system.

Expected gameplay is expected to be similar to a mixture of Eve Online and Guild Wars 1, but with multi-platform support. You can go from playing on your phone to playing on your desktop computer seamlessly.

More information will follow as the game proceeds further into development and features are decided on and added.