Privacy Policy:

Last Updated 1/27/2022
By playing any of our games it is automatically assumed that you agree to our privacy policy:
Basic information about the device used to play our games such as the model and specs is available to us through analytics so that we can tailor our games to the devices people are using.
We do not distribute any of the data we do collect.
The only time we would disclose any of your data is to comply with a legal obligation.
We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from anyone.
None of our apps collect any device identifiers such as: IEMI, IMSI, SIM, Serial #.
None of our app handle Phonebook or Contact information.

Orb of the Gods specific:
The game "Orb of the Gods" uses Google Play Services to login and store cloud saves and report leaderboard scores using the Google account you are logged into on the device.
Orb of the Gods collects no information outside what is provided by Google Play Services.
The game is still functional offline if no internet is found, bypassing the Google Play Services Login and saving locally.
Orb of the Gods is a casual game designed for all audiences including children, as such it contains zero online interaction outside the leaderboard, the ads are set to "safe for children", and it's not possible to share any personal information within the game with either the developer or other users.

Andromeda Specific:
The game "Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity" uses a built in account system where you create an account that can be used on both the Google Play and Steam versions.
The only time we collect any personal information is when you enter it into a text box yourself. These include entering a new Username and Password when you create an account, and the option of adding your e-mail address to the account for account recovery.
E-Mail addresses are only ever used for account recovery, we won't fill your inbox with promotions or sell your email address.
Since Andromeda connects to our servers, the IP address of your device is known to us when it connects.
We do not use the IP address for anything except limiting the number of simultaneous logins allowed per device.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact me by e-mail at: