Terms Of Service

By connecting to any of our servers you automatically agree to the following:
Online Interaction –

As a denizen of the Internet I’m sure you already know that the internet is a horrible place full of lots of horrible people. Null Reference Games LLC cannot be responsible for the interactions users have with other users on any of our online platforms – including games, discord channels, or social media pages.
However we will try to police the worst offenses to keep our platform a welcoming place for as many users as possible.


Online Interaction Rules we will enforce:

1: No threats to harm someone in the real world.


Three strikes policy and right to ban

We will try to be as fair as possible and use a three strikes policy for banning players. We will only issue strikes for breaking rules that are in writing in-game or on the website, we won’t make up new rules on the spot to punish people for.

We reserve the right to ban any player regardless of whether or not they have made in-app purchases if they get three strikes. Also, in-app purchase refunds will not be issued for a three strike ban.


Glitch Exploitation:

If you find an exploitable glitch on one of our online games (Like Andromeda), please inform the developer so it can be fixed as soon as possible. No action will be taken against anyone who reports an exploit, besides possibly removing anything acquired through the exploit.

Purposeful exploitation of a gamebreaking glitch or bug without informing a developer could result in a strike depending on the situation.

If an exploit is used that leads to widespread and irreversible damage to the economy, the server may be rolled back to a save from before the exploitation, so exploiting in this case just hurts everyone.


Purposeful harm or damage

Somehow purposely causing harm or damage to any online server may warrant immediate ban and possibly IP block without three strikes to prevent further damage to the system.


Submitting a complaint about someone breaking a rule

I really can’t go by hearsay alone, if you are going to submit a complaint about someone breaking a rule please provide a screenshot of it if applicable. My primary contact is Saturn on discord, and other people who have EO Team Support role on discord may also be able to deal with the issue.


Less serious rules:

Please refrain from the use of explicit, racist, obscene or vulgar language as much as possible in Server-Wide chat. Do what you want in Private Messages or Alliance Chat.

No spamming chat or blatant advertisements, however mentioning or discussing products including other games or apps is perfectly fine.

For chat-related rules we may mute someone’s server-wide chat, but we reserve the right to issue a strike depending on the situation.



Null Reference Games LLC cannot be responsible for users undertaking illegal activities on our platform, it is the responsibility of users to know and follow the laws of the country they reside.